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Station 12 - No.2 - Photographic Print

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1st Edition, 10x8.3 Inch Print, 0.5 Inch border, 300gsm Cotton Smooth. Packaging 100% recyclable. 

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Image from project: Station 12 

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, 48 firefighters protect Bath and the surrounding areas in the South West of England. With negotiated access over two months, Station 12 follows the community of people who work at Bath fire station, the space they inhabit and the lives they lead. It is a difficult balancing act. Managing long shifts, two days on, two nights on, four days off. It’s a place where injury, post traumatic stress and sleep deprivation has become ordinary. The work explores the misconceptions of the emergency service using imagery that reflects the unseen silence and the otherworldly nature of the station.

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